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Our Approach to Property

Estate agency is a constantly fast moving and innovative space to be apart of. From the way in which people buy their homes, to the daily advances in technology that continue to change the way in which we view and purchase properties. However in this change we found that many have lost the traditional values that estate agents once held; that personal touch being lost to webpages and automated processes. The once prized local knowledge of estate agents lost and a blanket approach applied to everyone.


We’ve already started offering a modern approach with our Virtual Tour, but thats only the start. Ensuring we’re constantly on top of property trends and advances is key to our strategy, ensuring we can always offer the client more than anyone else at reasonable cost.


Maintaining the traditional values of estate agency in terms of personal and strong customer service is another vital aspect to our approach. We always aim to deliver in this aspect, whilst offering local face-to-face contact through our franchises and local agents.


All of our fees and costs are upfront, and not hidden behind undisclosed factors. Any client that calls will be spoke to fairly and openly, given honest feedback and advice on the best way to proceed with their sale, building trust and recognition for all.

Your Way Into Estate Agency

Its always a good time to get involved in estate agency, and we’ve developed two alterantive methods for you to easily introduce yourself to this fast-paced industry. Across the next few pages you’ll learn all about the local agent and franchise opportunities we can offer you, each with individual qualities that’ll make it easy to decide which option is perfect for you.

Local Agents

As a local agent with Virtual Home Tours, you represent a contact for your community in regards to buying and selling property. You bring our core principles to a specific area and offer a face for people to rely on, its an increasingly important role in our structure whilst offering you the flexibility to work on your own terms.


More independence and control with network of support.

A step-up from local agency, with the opportunity to take on a physical office for your local area, with more chance to explore opportunties and act as a driving force for your own unique progression, but with our strong network of support still backing you up every step of the way. You’ll operate as your own individual business, with the opportunity to recruit employees and expand your own property network as you reach those growing goals. But you’ll never be left entirely alone, receiving full training and constant access to updated resources that you’ll be able to use in the day-to-day aspects of your business.